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Welcome to the Land-Grant Partners Project

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The inaugural efforts of the Land-Grant Partners Project focus attention specifically on 1994-1862 collaborations. There are many paths toward a more comprehensive set of 1994-1862 partnerships that would be mutually beneficial to these land-grant institutions, all in service to an increased amount of support to Native American communities.

Plans are underway to include partnerships involving the 1890 land-grant institutions in the not-too-distant future, with a focus on directing greater resources toward African American communities. Our long-term goal is to eliminate the structural isolationism that currently exists among the 1862, 1890, and 1994 land-grant institutions.

Read about the upcoming 2023 LGP Summit

2023 LGP Summit Pre-Conference

The LGP Summit goals and mission are: Truth, reconciliation, and reciprocal efforts among land-grant universities to build a better future for everyone. To learn more, visit the Land-Grant Partners Summit page.

Summit Details

What: Preconference meeting before conference of the First Americans Land-Grant Consortium (FALCON)
When: October 12-13, 2023 – starting early on the 12th and ending at noon on the 13th
Where: Hampton Inn/Homewood Suites, 550 15th Street, Denver, CO

Reservation links – use code FND (please reserve rooms for October 11 & 12 nights)
Hampton Inn & Suites Denver Downtown, phone: (303) 623-5900
Homewood Suites Denver Downtown, phone: (303) 534-7800

Who: Administrators, faculty, Extension personnel, and other officials representing 1862 land-grant universities or 1994 tribal colleges and universities.
Host: First Nations Development Institute (Longmont, CO), hosting this first summit in conjunction with FALCON and CHRR at The Ohio State University
Information regarding the meeting and registration:

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NCRCRD Sponsored Work: Understanding and Advancing Partnerships Among 1994 and 1862 Land-Grant Universities in the North Central Region

In the twelve states comprising the North Central Region, there are a total of twenty 1994 Tribal Colleges and Universities that exist alongside the twelve 1862 land-grant institutions. The North Central Regional Center for Rural Development has provided funding that will allow the Land-Grant Partners Project to classify the defining features of past and present 1994-1862 partnerships throughout the North Central Region.

Prior to the FALCON post-conference, 1994 and 1862 land-grant personnel will be contacted in service to the collection of data on 1994-1862 partnerships that will include, but not be limited to, characteristics associated with mission-specific classification (teaching, research, community engagement), funding sources, and evaluation strategies to date.

Additionally, efforts conducted as a follow-up to the FALCON post-conference will surround the implementation of a needs assessment which will determine the gaps that exist between current partnerships that serve Tribal families and communities and what might optimally be carried out by sister land-grant institutions in the North Central Region.


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